The Blocki Flute Method is an unique place to shop for flute related products.  Everything we sell,  we use ourselves and with our students.  That is why we don't offer an abundance of different brands of flutes.   There are many brands that just don't have a good scale.  If I student comes to me with a flute or piccolo with a poor scale, I ask them to sell it on ebay!!   If I have a difficult time getting a flute to sound in tune, how much more will my students have difficulty.  

We are also quite passionate about excellence in teaching.  Our method books and tools represent over 40 years of teaching experience. (Of course I began teaching when I was 5!)  They have proven to be successful in giving students a truly great foundation in tone, technique, ear training and rhythmic sight-reading.  The concepts flow seamlessly through out the three levels.

In addition, seven years ago we began the formal KinderFlute TM  program.  This has proved to quite successful in training teachers through the US, Canada and Europe in how to teaching children of all ages in a way that is engaging and motivating. 

Lastly, we are committed to giving back!  Our latest project is The Shoemaker's Dream picture book with CD (narrator, flute and piano.)  We have donated all the printing costs and the profits go toward where friends give of themselves in the difficult country of South Sudan.   In addition, at least 15% of  all other profits go toward charities that we have chosen.

Kathryn Blocki’s passion for excellence in teaching is demonstrated by the consistent success of her students. Her zeal to help every student reach their fullest potential is unmistakable.  Numerous students have excelled in competitions and several have received full scholarships to continue their music education. Flute choirs under her direction have consistently received perfect ratings at state competitions.

In January 2012, she received the “Best Tools for Schools Award” at the NAMM show for the creation of the Pneumo Pro Wind Director flute training tool designed for teaching air speed, direction and developing breath support.

Her clinics on teaching the flute have been enthusiastically received in Europe, Australia, Canada and throughout the United States.  She frequently presents at the US National Flute Association Conference.  Her approach to teaching beginning students has pioneered many new ideas, which has led to the founding of KinderFluteTM where even young children excel in playing the flute.

Award-winning publications include: the Blocki Flute Method Student Books, Duets and Teacher's Manuals (winners of the NFA Newly Published Music Award), and Syrinx: Rhythmic Teaching Edition.   She is also the creator of the Great Beginnings for the New Flutist DVD. She was selected to write the article on teaching beginning flute tone for the National Flute Association Pedagogy Anthology Vol. 2 which was published for the NFA’s 40th Anniversary Convention. In 2013, the SBO magazine published her article “Beautiful Tone for the New Flutist,” and she is a contributor to Flute Focus Magazine in New Zealand. Her pedagogy for teaching and playing the flute has been featured in the Chicago “Pipe Notes”, the Dutch “Fluit” magazine and in the German “Flöte Aktuell” journal.

Teacher training sessions for the new KinderFluteTM program began in 2011.  In KinderFlute, Kathryn combines the research of Harvard professor Dr. John Ratey MD and applies it to the pedagogy of teaching the flute.  Kinesthetic learning is emphasized through the use of games to create an active, fun and engaging environment to best learn the flute and to build a life time love of music.

Her CD of the newly composed Shoemaker’s Dream by Diane Whitacre for flute, piano and narrator is based on Leo Tolstoy’s short story “Where Love is God is.” In 2013 she commissioned two additional pieces by Diane Whitacre.  The first is based on the poem “Casey at Bat,” and the second is titled Reunion and will be available in 2014.

Previously, she was a member of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Chautauqua Festival Orchestra, and a soloist with the American Wind Symphony and Elkhart Symphony. As a past faculty member of Goshen College, she taught flute, flute choir, and aural music skills. She graduated with high honors from IU Bloomington, Jacob’s School of Music and highest honors from Arizona State University, and has had the privilege of studying with Eric Hoover, James Pellerite (past principle flutist with the Philadelphia Philharmonic), Samuel Baron, (past Julliard School of Music Prof.) and Bernard Goldberg (past principle flutist of Pittsburgh Symphony) and Dr. Amy Hamilton. As a graduate assistant at ASU she taught undergraduate flute majors. Currently, she serves as a member of the National Flute Association’s Pedagogy Committee.