What is the difference between the beginning flutes and how do I decide which flute is best for my student?

1) The Mini-Di flute is the smallest beginning flute.  It is the easiest beginning flute to balance and works well for the youngest beginners.  Typically preschoolers and early elementary students would begin with this flute.

2) The second option is a traditional beginning flute, but with a curved head joint.  The curved head joint  is used instead of the straight head joint until the student's arms are long enough to balance the flute comfortably.  This is typically used by students aged 6-9, though the primary factor in deciding is the size of the students. We offer both the Blocki Flute with curved head and the DZ-200 with optional curved head.

3) The traditional C flute (DZ-200) or Blocki Flute uses a straight head joint and is appropriate for most students  age of 9 or older.  Again the most important factor is the size of each individual student.